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Research finds shoppers bear the brunt of higher business overheads

Though 99 per cent of retailers reported being impacted by macroeconomic pressures, 62 per cent of direct-to-consumer re...
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SMEs at risk from ATO and creditor action

High-interest rates and ATO action are creating fear of not only a business insolvency wave but also a personal insolven...

A survival guide for SMEs in the face of inflation

Adaptation is essential for staying competitive because, like it or not, inflation is not going anywhere soon.

Bigger profits are no accident

Don’t make budgeting and profit-and-loss exercises a one-off experience - you need to keep close to your numbers regular...

SMEs facing declining revenues amidst persistent challenges

Despite the decline, business concerns have gradually receded which is attributed to the gradual easing of inflationary ...

How to make the most of the new financial year

Conducting a financial year stocktake is crucial to accurately determine the value of your inventory, which impacts your...
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Overdue invoices and debt indicate deteriorating business conditions through 2023

Businesses in the food services and construction industries are showing the highest failure risk, closely followed by th...

As food prices soar, retailers face a discretionary spending downturn

National Retail Association CEO Greg Griffith said the “lack of impact” from mid-year year sales shows how far consumer ...

Aussie small businesses remain resilient in the face of inflation

While sales, jobs, and wages growth have slowed in the first half of 2023, the Index highlighted that overall conditions...
late payments, payment times

SMEs still struggling with slow invoice payments

Debtor finance is one way that SMEs can help address cashflow issues while trying to chase overdue invoices.