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Why Australian SMEs need to shore up their cyber resilience

SMEs often suffer in their overall cybersecurity posture from a lack of resources, financially and technologically.

Securing the small players’ cyber security

SMEs should ensure that all remote access to their networks is secure, using virtual private networks (VPNs) and other s...

SMEs make up majority of ransomware victims

In recent years, ransomware groups have shifted their modus operandi from phishing to vulnerability abuse in order to ex...

CyberCX Academy to address gender and skills gaps in the cybersecurity sector

The CyberCX Academy is the largest private sector commitment to address Australia’s cyber skills shortage.

How robust are your customer ID verification processes?  

For businesses of all types and sizes, ID fraud is a present and growing threat, especially in the online environment.

Reinforcing business security: The imperative of cybersecurity and the unmatched efficacy of Kensington’s Fingerprint Security Keys

The VeriMark Fingerprint Keys provide an additional multi-factor authentication and can be integrated with password mana...

2022 showed how much you need tech and data

Businesses that invest in innovation and automation are best placed to adapt and evolve as technology continues to suppo...
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Data privacy: A big issue for small businesses

All small businesses as a matter of best practice have a duty to protect their businesses and the data of those using it...

Why BizCover’s cyber insurance offering is great news for small businesses

One of the barriers that stop small business owners from getting cyber insurance is price and coverage.

CSIRO program to help SMEs boost their cybersecurity and digital technology R&D

Participating SMEs will receive mentorship on how to further develop their projects or ideas in cybersecurity and digita...