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Oran ferry port in Algeria connects you with Almeria in Spain with a choice of up to 2 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Oran to Almeria crossing is from 9 hours and the crossing is operated by Trasmediterranea & Naviera Armas.


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Oran Ferry Alternatives

Oran Ferry Services

  • Trasmediterranea
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 9 hr
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  • Naviera Armas
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 9 hr
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Oran Ferry Port

Situated on the North African coastline, the Algerian city of Oran is a sprawling metropolis that plays an important role in the country’s commercial and trade interests. Second in size only to the nearby capital of Algiers, the city is a quirky mix of architecture that reflects its past under the oft-changing rule of conquering nations. Modern apartment blocks stand shoulder to shoulder with a variety of historic buildings inspired by Islamic, Spanish and French renaissance styles, including the Bey Othmane Mosque and the striking opera house in the centre of the city.

The port of Oran covers a quarter of the city along the edge of the Mediterranean. It’s a busy but smoothly operated seaport less than a mile from the city centre, with a number of quays facilitating trade routes to and from Algeria. Travelling to the port is a straightforward affair. The Gare Oran Marine train station allows passengers to disembark mere metres from the sheltered cruise terminal, while the A1 motorway offers a long but direct route to Oran from Algiers further east. Hour-long flights into Oran are also available from Algiers, though the airport is situated another 10-miles away from the coast.

A number of ferry services leave Oran on a weekly basis. The shorter routes take passengers across a narrow section of the Alboran sea to Almeria and Alicante in the south of Spain, while once a week an overnight Algerie ferry service makes the north-east trip to the French town of Marseille.

How To Get To Oran Ferry Port

  • Oran Ferry Port Address

    Gare Maritime, Rue du port, Oran

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