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How to address quiet trends and build better workplaces that attract talent

The rise of quiet quitting is sparked by a convergence of external factors, including the rise of remote working and wid...

Your staff are your most important stakeholders: the growing importance of your employer brand

Your employees have the potential to be your brand’s strongest advocates if you know how to harness your employer brand.
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Majority of SMEs prepared to cut jobs in case of recession

Medium and micro-sized businesses would be the first to cut internal staff in the event of a recession, at 23 per cent a...

Micro-credentials: the solution to the “great resignation” and “quiet quitting” trend?”

Micro-credentials are flexible and customisable, allowing both employees and employers to tailor education to their care...

Resenteeism is rife in small businesses – a costly and preventable phenomenon

As more people are coming into the office primarily to socialise and collaborate, a well-designed workplace that facilit...

Small businesses looking to expand their workforce but falling behind in the race for talent

The plans to grow headcount comes despite recruitment remaining the number one issue for HR professionals.
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Digital skills gap costing Aussie businesses “billions”

It is estimated that addressing the digital skills shortage in Australia will require an investment $1.5 billion in skil...

Small businesses experiencing high staff turnover every six months

Small businesses would need to dedicate as much effort and budget to recruitment as they do marketing and leads in order...

Poor performance or quiet quitting?

Navigating the range of emotions at this time of year can be a little challenging for managers, especially given the cha...

Top tips to ensure your SME doesn’t experience another great resignation in 2023

Businesses with an inclusive environment see increases in engagement and purpose at work.