Seajets is a Greek company operating ferry crossings from Piraeus, within the Athens urban area, and Rafina to Crete and the Cyclades Islands.

Seajets operates regular crossings with their fleet of 11 high-speed ships, the largest network in the Aegean, connecting 17 ports with a total capacity for more than 8,500 passengers and 1,450 vehicles. Consisting primarily of top-quality catamarans, the Seajets fleet also contains the stylish monohull Tera Jet, the largest of the fleet, and Paros Jet, reaching speeds of 45 and 37 knots respectively. The company’s largest catamaran, Champion Jet 1, while carrying up to 1,000 passengers and 200 vehicles, can cruise at an impressive speed of 40 knots.

Seajets has consistently offered all passengers reliable, consistent and safe sea transportation ever since their inception in 1989. By choosing to only use high-speed ferries, and with more than 140 ferry connections from Piraeus, Rafina and Crete to the islands of the Cyclades, they offer the fastest and most convenient service available in the region.

With you can find SeaJets timetables, fares and book SeaJets ferry tickets. Where applicable we’ll also compare SeaJets with alternative ferry companies.

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SeaJets Customer Reviews

  • "Andros"

    We had a great ride and plenty of seats. See you on the way back. Staff very courteous ! 

    'Trevor Alan' travelled with SeaJets

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  • "Very helpful"

    We accidentally got on the wrong ferry and the staff were really helpful and understanding.  On the second trip the vessel was slightly delayed but that was fine. We didn’t try the food.

    'Rosalind' travelled with SeaJets

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  • "Super Fast Ferry with Quick Turnaround"

    Seajet Ferry was super fast between Mykonos & Syros (c.20 mins) and the turnaround times suprisingly fast - passengers unloaded and loaded within about 10 mins of arrival. More expensive than a traditional ferry, but if you are short on time the well worth it.

    'Anonymous' travelled with SeaJets

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  • "Nice trip"

    Nice experience for us. The ship was fast, clean and on time. Can't fault it at all.

    'Daniel' travelled with SeaJets

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